Have Trouble Sleeping? Melatonin Can Help


Do you have trouble sleeping? If you do, you aren’t the only one at all. In fact, thousands of people have similar problems. One reason that you could be suffering from insomnia or a similar issue is that your melatonin levels may be off.

As you might already know, melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces that is commonly associated with sleeping. Basically, your body has its own inner clock that tells it things like when it should be sleeping. Melatonin production is part of that clock.

A lot of times, though, your inner clock (also called your circadian rhythm) can be thrown out of whack. There are several reasons why this could happen. Let’s look at a few.


Natural light is one big thing that can influence your body’s natural clock and melatonin production. If you aren’t getting enough natural light or are getting too much natural light it can be very difficult to get a decent night’s rest. For example, shorter winter days can often mess up your sleep cycle.


If there’s some reason that you’ve had to sleep strange hours for a period of time or that you’ve been unable to sleep at all, such as night time job training or an illness or injury that distracts you from being able to sleep, you could run into trouble when you try to go back to a normal schedule. It can take time for your body to readjust and produce the proper melatonin levels at the proper time.

Bad Habits:

Bad habits right before bed, like eating or drinking anything high in caffeine, can also influence your sleep schedule. So, while coffee has its place, it has no place in the bedroom, at least not shortly before you intend to go to bed. The same goes for other stimulants, like chocolate.

The truth is, though, no matter how good your habits are, your body may not produce enough melatonin or produce it at the right times. As you get older, for example, your body is going to naturally lower its melatonin production. Also, anyone who is blind or has limited vision is not going to perceive natural light differently, which could cause melatonin levels to be lower than that of an average person.

The Solution:

The solution to your melatonin problems may be taking a melatonin supplement. You can find them at most health stores or buy them online. You can take them to fight insomnia problems. It’s just a matter of slowly adjusting your body.

For example, let’s say that you want to go to bed at ten at night, but often find yourself unable to sleep until three in the morning. Well, if you take a melatonin supplement a couple hours before you’ve been falling asleep, you can fall asleep sooner. Then, you slowly need to start taking your melatonin earlier in the evening until you have adjusted your body to the time that you actually want to sleep.

Although melatonin can have its down sides, especially if taken improperly, it can be a valuable tool in certain situations. So, if you have trouble sleeping, melatonin supplements might be right for you.

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